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Its in the detail

By Admin - Wednesday 9th of November 2016 09:38:15 AM1 comments

We always have an eye for finishing our products to the highest standards so the end result is a truly exceptional piece of upholstered furniture

As seen here on the new Dan Gold Union Skull chair you can see the hand stud work on the outside edges of the hand carved wooden frame all single studs put in one ...

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New Bowler chair by Dan Gold now available

By Admin - Tuesday 22nd of November 2016 08:33:37 PM0 comments

Dan was  at the NEC Motorcycle Live show this weekend painting a Honda bike by hand on the Honda stand in Hall 2 - The show was a success and the bike is on show all this week so pop down and have a look.

The Bowler chair features Dan Golds trademark Bowler Skull design and is availble to buy on our store - more designs coming soon so keep posted.....



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New Website Launch

By Admin - Monday 8th of May 2017 12:47:09 PM0 comments

New Website now live and even more exciting is our new collaboration with Uk tattoo artist Dan Gold will be available soon....

Check out more of Dan Gold's unique artwork and tattoo designs at http://www.monstersofart.com/


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Dan Gold chair UNION SKULL

By Admin - Monday 7th of November 2016 11:27:43 AM0 comments

The new Union Skull chair now available exclusive Uk collaboration between Dan Gold uk tattoist and bespoke uk upholstery maker Wish Interiors

Each chair comes with signed Union Skull print framed and signed by Dan Gold himself.

Go to http://www.monstersofart.com for more information

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New Dan Gold cushion range now available

By Admin - Monday 27th of March 2017 12:24:52 PM0 comments

Get your hands on some new Dan Gold cushions to make your friends jealous and your sofa smile.....



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Dan Gold joins Wish Interiors

By Admin - Monday 1st of August 2016 07:13:48 PM0 comments

Dan Gold is one of the world's most prominent tattooists. His unique, revolutionary style fusing tattoo art and graffiti has made Dan the voice of a new generation and commands a loyal fan-base for his popular style. Having inked a host of famous names, including Kate Moss and Britney Spears, Dan has been described as a 'charismatic, big hearted bad boy' and a 'rock star in the tattoo world'. Put in the public eye on London Ink, Dan's ta...

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